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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Pressure to Post

Redmemory1 is talking about posting preasure. Long before blogging came to be, I started a "journal" in .txt format. If I recall correctly, the first PC I was using was a DX486/100. Yeah, Cave man days. Point is, I filled an 800 meg Hard drive with those musings over time. Pray the Good Lord never lets them see the light of day. I still plug that old drive in once and a while just to remind myself of some of the stupid things I have said and done in my past. For you gentle readers, that check in to see if I have posted anything new, trust me when I say, more typing goes in the trash bin every day than ever graces this page. -Which is lucky to get an update a week. Most of it is even worse drivel than this, so you are REALY NOT missing anything. I am not a writer. I've never wanted to be one. But, like Robert Heinline, and Spider Robinson, I have a "Jones." Therefore I write. "Save as Draft" is my friend.