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Saturday, February 04, 2006

He's BAAaack!

Bill Whittle has finaly graced us with a new post. I was afraid he had a stroke or something after posting Tribes. You HAVE read Tribes, haven't you? No? Well what are you waiting for? GO READ IT! I can wait... Anyway, it seems our invenerent author has written a screenplay. As he says,
Here's the skinny: for the last six months now, I have been pretty much totally consumed by a new project. I've returned to the dark habits of my misspent youth and have almost completed my seventh movie script. I suppose I could work three jobs instead of two, the third being essay-writing, but my back has been very delicate lately. Oh, the pain! The Pain! Why go AWOL and write a movie script, when the Idiotarian Mootbat Hunting Season is in full flower, and the skies are black with swarms of gaseous, leathery-winged bloviators, ripe for the skewering? Well, I'll tell you. On my best day here at trusty Triple-E, I might reach forty thousand people. With a semi-successful film, I might reach ten million, maybe ten times that. Many times in the past five months -- MANY times -- I have felt the call to pound out some essay or another, and every time I am reminded of the huge lead time necessary for getting a film produced, a clock that only starts ticking once the script is finished. And so time and again I have forced myself to stay on target and press on with this screenplay; which, I am sure you will be shocked - shocked! - to discover, is somewhat overwritten. Overwritten by a factor of two. Maybe three. It's just that I have such a huge story to tell. I can't reveal the plot as yet, but I can give you a rough idea of what has been taking my essay time away from us at such a demanding rate: It's a science-fiction story. It takes place in the Strange and Mysterious World of Tomorrow -- the unimaginable world of TEN YEARS FROM NOW!
Just so you know, he says "spoiler alert after the above... Wink wink, nudge... Sad part is, Bill posted this on Jan 26th. And I didn't notice until today.