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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rights v. Obligations

Any time you go to a forum that has shooting or firearms as its' reason for existence, the subject of 2nd Amendment Rights comes up. And sooner or later someone will say, "What about WMD?" I've read both the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers. WMD, Nukes, Bio, or Chemical weapons are not covered by the 2nd. Sorry, that duck don't fly. Machine guns, short barreled rifles and shotguns, mufflers, up to and including towed artillary, are covered. And unconstitutionaly supressed. But not WMD. And, yes, the founders knew and understood germ warfare. They had opportunity to spread Smallpox, and deliberately passed on it. So much for that. NOW, let us talk about what we owe society for the recognition of our rights. Let us speak of our duties and obligations. This is a topic that very rarely shows up on the forums mentioned. And when someone (me) brings it up, they are promptly ignored. Little things, like voting in an informed manner. Answering the call for Jury Duty. And staying awake durring the trial if you are selected. Paying your taxes. Supporting your elected officials. Offering alternatives to proposed legislation that you disagree with. Running for an office that you think is not being filled in the manner you want. Helping a better candidate with his campaign even if he's after YOUR office. Military service to the country. Every Male owes six years, after all... Obeying the laws. If you don't like a law, you can fight to change it, but you obey them until they are changed. The bottome line is if you don't like the way the (insert political subdivision here) is being run by its elected officials, declare your candidacy, gather your petitions, pay the filing fees, campaign like there's no tomorrow, and win. Now, do better than the guy (or gal) you replaced. Don't want to? Don't even want to vote? Then sit down and shut up.