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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Regarding Work

I have one of the most boring jobs imaginable. I mount a product to a standardized test machine and hit the go button on the computer. The testing runs for up to 3 hours, or until the product fails. Then I compile the results, and mount the next sample. Repeat. Ditto etc. This is boring, because I have nothing to do except watch the machine run (Grass growing ring a bell?). But it is for a major multinational manufacturer. It is a secure, ok paying job with some hints of possible advancement. I do tend to not bring my laptop to work with me any more... Last time was just lucky. I could have been fired on the spot. Now, what brings this out of me is that a person whose' blog I have on my bloglines list posted about her job. She did not feel secure in the position she was working. I thought about that post, and how to leave a comment that would be supportive of her, no matter what decisions she may make in the future about that employment. Like most bloggers, she included the obligatory line about being vague enough to not be identified... So, I get the comment figured out in my head, and I go to post it. Her post is gone. Deleted. Not there even. This I find VERY troubling. I thought she was very circumspect in her description of the situation she was in. I hope her blog entry is just undergoing a rewrite. But then again, if she felt the need to remove the post, then she did the right thing by taking it down. Sometimes we really should listen to that small inner voice. Especially when it says "GET US THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Think about that. Comments welcome.