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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Operation Iraqi Children.

Tapscott and Micheal Yon are letting us know about how Gary Sinise has begun Operation Iraqi Children to gather school supplies for the kids over there.
I've gathered enough today at wallyshop for 6 kids. Next paycheck, I'll get stuff for a dozen more kids.

The kits are simple.
Here's the list:

1 pair of blunt end scissors
1 12 inch ruler with metric markings
12 new pencils with erasers
1 small pencil sharpener
1 large eraser
1 box of colored pencils (no crayons, they melt.)
1 pkg notebook paper
1 composition book
3 folders with inside pockets
1 zippered pencil bag.

Put it all in a 2 gallon size ziplock bag

That's it.
Supplies for a boy or girl to learn with.

Shipping instructions and other suggestions are here.

I consider this a worthy project. Read about it and decide for yourself.

Comments would be welcome either way. Let me know if you participate.
I'll be mentioning this at church to get them involved tomorrow.

If you don't want to put a kit together, yourself, but would like to help, hit the donate button, top of the side bar. Make sure you say for Iraqi children
I will try to answer every pledge.

It costs me 7.92 per kit. I may be able to reduce that a little by shopping around.
I haven't found out what the shipping is going to be yet.