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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Fond Farewell

I am very pressed for time.
I work a 9 hour day, and I run a pistol course.
I argue for citizen rights and resposablilities on a dozen forums.
I read the news, and I read blogs.
I think there are about 40 blogs on my blogroll.
I have 29 on my bloglines notifier.
I also occasionaly blog when I find something noteworthy.

So when I see Ravenwood is chucking his keyboard out, I have a very bittersweet feeling about it.

This guy has blogged something interesting almost every day for over five years!

Hell, I'm lucky to post once a week.
If I manager to post something actualy interesting to anyone (other than me) it is pure serendipity.

I understand that sometimes you need a break.
But I'll miss the commentary.
Ravenwood will remain in my blogroll, and on my blogline notify list waiting for the day he returns.

Enjoy your family, R, and when you can, drop us a line.