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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Visit from overseas

The company I work for has offices in Japan. -Keep in mind that I am just a small fish in a giant multi-national corporation. Recently, the local PTBs' gave a tour for Visiting PTBs through my department. I didn't even know it (the tour) was coming, that is how small a fish I am. Anyway, they come through my work space, and I have my (not company) laptop running my NRA Basic Pistol Powerpoint presentation on my desk. The VP/Test developement from Japan sees it and starts paging through the presentation. (uh, Oh...) Extended entry Extended entry The questions start. Q. What is this for? A. A class I run for people that want to learn how to use a gun safely. Q. Why do people want to take this class? A. Here in Ohio, the class meets State requirements for people to get their Concealed Handgun Licence. Q. When do you teach this class? A. Evenings and weekends. Q. May I attend this class? A. Certainly! Then Mr. Big says, "We will discuss this." And the whole entourage sweeps away. I go back to running tests. 30 min. later, boss comes in. "Don't bring that gunsh!t in here again!" He said alot of other stuff about personal business on Co. time, too. "consider yourself warned!" I said, "Yessir." uhoh, there goes the bonus... Next day, I have an e-mail waiting for me. Mr. Big wants specifics on the class. Cost, times, etc. Shinola... "Hey, Boss! how do I handle this?" A. "Oh, damn... Well answer them!" But Boss, You said no more personal business on Company Time... Uh, don't you have a website for them to go to? Like I can afford that on what he pays me. "No, sir, I count on word of mouth for adverts." "Well, uh... Go ahead and answer them." Ok... Now, keep in mind that I am trying to not let this interfere with my work... Basic info e-mail sent. Then the phone rings. Boss wants me. Oh ****, what now? Mr. Big wants a meeting with me. Boss will drive. I'm what? Gonna say "No?" 6 hours and a great lunch later, I end up setting up a class, on company time, in the company theater, teaching 39 visiting PTBs (from Japan), and 18 PTBs from other USA divisions. (Not Ohio based people) NRA BasicPistol runs 10 hours. This one ran a week. 8 hours a day. Range time ran another week. (2 hrs. + per student, 2 at a time per instructor.) I had to rent 60 revolvers, and 60 pistols + training ammo for them from a friend of mine.(He's my assitant instructor for the course. My wife, and my son also helped) This is, of course a pass along cost. Oh, have I ever mentioned that my company posts 'No Weapons'?(Lol!) The Boss is in a fluster. Of course, I cannot run tests while running the class... but he's gotten cudos for my work teaching. This hs brought him to attention in a favorable way. But he is a GFW... The best part of all of this, was watching the face of a little (4'9" 84 Lb. -I asked) Japanese secretary shoot her first shot. She gets it. In fact, ALL the Japanese PTB's get it. You could see it in their (normaly inscrutible) faces. I charged my normal $125.00 per person fee, and figured it would be replacing my bonus from work. Todays mail brought me a VERY large personal check from the Japan VP/test developement, Mr. Big. He implies in his letter, that he wants me to run the course for visiting PTBs whenever they are in town. There is a hint of travel there, also. This has promise for my (company) future, which was looking a little shaky when all this started