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Thursday, December 15, 2005

THIS is worthy of YOUR support

Too. I have happily gotten involved with this project, that Kim and Connie(it feels so good to be able to mention their names again) have begun. From Kims site, the announcement.

New Direction The film Field of Dreams brought the phrase, “If you build it, they will come” into the American lexicon. And that is what we’re going to do. We have launched a new website and a new company, The Nation of Volunteers Foundation. Unlike previous business endeavors, however, this is not a for-profit company. The purpose of this company is to continually raise enough money to fund salaries and endeavors which we believe will make America a better place. We will be calling on Americans to do all sorts of volunteer activities (without compensation), from helping new shooters to sharing their books, information and expertise with home educators. (Details below the fold.) The purpose of the Nation of Volunteers Foundation is to allow us to manage these activities full time.
I volunteer!
What we Need We ask for your financial support and we will be asking for your time, too. In addition, we will need other kinds of services normally provided for a fee (accounting and legal services, business supplies, etc.). For example, we have established Nation of Volunteers Foundation as a not–for-profit corporation, but we need legal assistance and advice to navigate through the IRS requirements to achieve a tax exempt status (so contributions to the NOV Foundation can be tax deductible) . If you can assist us with this it would eliminate the need to hire an attorney to work with us. We are going to become professional beggars, but in exchange we promise this: We will work diligently and tirelessly, for the rest of our lives, to restore America to being a Nation of Riflemen, and a Nation of Educated and Literate, one citizen at a time. Will you help us?
Have, can, and will. Remember folks, these are the people that kept Walter Gaya, and Adam Pluhmdore in our minds. They have a GREAT IDEA and deserve our (the American shooting community) support. Both now, and long term. I hope this gets picked up and passed along the blogosphere. Maybe having joined the ring will help. Update I see Say Unkle has volunteered his time. I hope he posts on his blog about it. He gets a lot more readers than me... Update Baboon Pirate Has an opinion, I think he'll help. (I THINK...) Another update: I don't know how I missed this one... Not enough time to read all my favorite blogs Misha gives a doggie launch. Any more, and they'll be new entries.