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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Regarding my previous post.

It has come to my attention that there are a few folks that seem to think that Kim and Connie are trying to run a scam. Having been a Nation of Riflemen member for 6 months, and a lurker on that forum a LONG time, reading Kims and Connies blogs, I can only say that it is my OPINION that they are both trustworthy and honest in their newest endevor. I saw how they tried to help homeschoolers with "Did Today." (A worthy endevor if I ever saw one) I saw how Kims efforts to make this country better (The NoR), destroyed Did Today before it even got off the ground. I saw how Kim and Connie (and their kids) suffered and damn near lost their house. I watched a man cut down to the point that life forced him to sell cherished firearms. I recognised that feeling he had (because I've been there) when he came to understand that even if he regained in the future, those exact same firearms, they would no longer be as cherished. After all, Family - Comes - First. You do what you have to do. I watched him lose an employment opportunity where he is probably one of the top 50 in the field. Because of his efforts with The NoR. Yes, I'm getting involved with the Nation of Volunteers. Because Kims' and Connies' vision is one that I share. A country of people, that understand both their rights, and their duties. A nation of people that are able to think for themselves, and weigh evidence. A nation of sheepdogs, instead of sheep. Through this effort, I can stop muddeling along without guidence and REALY make a difference. I don't have money to donate...My forign trade excursion saved me from being homeless. But I have time. So 'Time' is what I will give. Think of the movie "Pay it Forward." That's the IDEA the DuToits are trying to instill.