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Monday, December 19, 2005

Quote of the day

The public needs to be led to the trough of freedom and made to stand there until they drink of the water of liberty and quit being so afraid they’ll get wet, or learn to leave us alone while we do. We have seen that many will not go there willingly, which is their right, but unfortunately, they want to prevent all others from slaking their thirst for freedom and that is not their right. We don’t have the right to make them drink of the trough, but the only recourse that is theirs is to stand by while we do, or to turn away if they find it repugnant. They do not have the right to prevent us from enjoying and employing our liberty.
By straightarrow, about 2/3 down the thread. Why is it, I can recognise the profound thoughts in others, but can't express them for myself?