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Sunday, October 30, 2005

This is just WRONG.

Sgt. Walter Gaya, of the deuce four, Gave his eye in Iraq for this country. You all know Sgt.Gaya from reading Michael Yon's dispatches. (You DO read Mike, don't you? He's in my daily read list.) Sgt. Gaya has been LEAGALY in the USA since he was a child. He cares enough about this country to have VOLUNTEERED to go into harms way. Harm found him. Eight days before he was going to attend his Naturalization ceremony, to be granted full citizenship.

Now, he's in a bureaucratic black hole: Federal immigration officials wouldn't renew his permanent resident card or tell him when he could reschedule the swearing-in ceremony. No one at the local U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office could tell him what to do next to get his citizenship papers, or even how to renew his immigration documents.
Federal Immigration Offals. The ones who cannot see an illeagal alien deported? No. ONE federal immigration offal is sitting on Sgt Gayas' file. This is the way it always goes. ONE petty bureaurat feeling his power will F* up a persons life JUST BECAUSE HE CAN. This is known as 'abuse of power'. and it hapens every day. There is a remedy for this kind of Offal action. Sondra wants to start a letter/fax/e-mail/phone campaign. Good idea. go for it. I am a leetal more direct. All I want is the name of the particular Fed Offal. I want to speak to him, mano a mano. Now, where's that bayonet? Edit to add: TheSmallest Minority is pissed too. Anyone else? Trackback, and I'll post you here. Stop the ACLU has weighed in... Cryptic Sudterraneanis the one who seems to have started this campaign.