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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stacking the deck?

So, Counter-top is trying to stack the odds for his goggle ads in favor of gun stuff.

I want gun stuff. You hear that Google Adsense? Gun stuff. Firearm stuff. Boomstick Stuff. Defense Stuff. Ammo Stuff. Pistol Stuff. Revolver Stuff. Colt Stuff. Ruger Stuff. Smith & Wesson Stuff. Gun Chick Stuff
When I first went to his site, the goggle ads were all for credit cards. Then I re-loaded his page, and the ads were all for luggage. For fun, I hit the refresh button. now it's insu r ense When I looked, a few minutes ago, the ads here were s p y w a r e removers. Notsure I want to know why. well, I want gun stuff ads too... and if the Counter top can stack, so can I. I want guns, gunz, and more guns. gatts, bangers, boomsticks, smokepoles, asault rifles, high cap magazine fed pistols, belt fed revolvers, auto loading goodness. gun P0rn, gun-chiks, shooting related stuff. Gun t-shirts, Girls with guns wearing gun t-shirts (or not). firearms related ads would be nice. So would ads about fire arms. Did I mention guns? I know countertop did...