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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Go read this

Then come back, as I have a proposition for all you non existent readers. This will stay on top for a few days. Back? Good. This is the quality of our fighting forces. Cpl. Liberty was damn near killed, and had no thoughts for her own injuries, was trying to rescue a fellow soldier that was hurt worse than she was. That she did not succeed in that effort is no reflection on her. She still grieves for her fallen comrades, and thinks they deserve awards more than she does. This woman is more of a man than any person who wants to surrender (get out of the middle east) weather they have exterior plumbing or not. Ok. Here's the proposition. There's a group of folks that want to give Cpl. Liberty a gift. An expensive gift. One that I think that as a Marine, she'd both like and appreciate. An engraved Polished stainless Colt 2071 in 38 super. Just to say "Thank You," for putting her life on the line for us. This group is looking at a cost of around 1600 bucks. Would you non existent readers please throw a buck into the tip jar to help this effort? Thanks. ________________________________ Linked at Point Five open trackbacks