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Monday, October 10, 2005

George doesn't get it.

Or maybe he just doesn't care. Harriet Miers may be the best Justice the Supreme Court U.S. has ever seen. Even from the conservative point of view. Maybe ESPECIALY from the conservative point of view. But we don't know. We have no way of judging how she will rule in a given situation. We have no way to know that she will support our interests. She has no track record that we can see. George says to trust him. Sorry, George, been there, got burnt. More than once. I have been working to get conservative Republicans elected to office for 28 years. I have been working to get where we are now. Republican control of both houses and the White House. We are there. I know plenty of people that have been working toward this goal for longer than I have been alive. The purpose is to reign in the slide to socialism communism. The purpose is to change the direction of the Supreme Court from judicial activism, to strict constructionist. We want the Fed. Gov. to operate within the contract it has with we the people. The Constitution of the united States of America. The sentence above is capitalized correctly. The only way to reign in the Fed. Gov. is to have a strict constructionist court that tells congress assembled to amend the constitution if they can, to get what they want instead of just doing what they feel like. We the people were screwed with Sutter. We were screwed with Kennedy. We were screwed with Stevens. We were screwed with O’Connor. Badly. We were told, "Trust me," on each of these. We were screwed. WE ARE TIRED OF BEING SCREWED! We CAN'T trust you in this, George. We cannot stand having to BOHICA. For Christ sake, George, HARRY REED (D Nv.) LIKES HER! As a Judicial nominee. That in itself is enough to scare me off her. We the people need to KNOW that your nominee is going to protect OUR interests. We DON'T know that with Ms. Miers. Sorry, again, George. From the Moles perspective, you just shitcanned 28 years of my hard work getting a Republican controlled government, TWICE! From here it looks like we were told, "Thanks, and Fuck you!" Grass cannot live without roots. The roots just died. All you Republican Congress critters, take note. We the people that worked our asses off to get you elected are only voting on local issues next time out. Fuck me? No, Fuck You. Don't like it? Give me what I need. Give me a reason to support you. Please.