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Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Declaration...

Well, The more we look around, the more we see that the Gov/bur/jud/media want's us all to die. (HUH!?!) Yep, Let's review. Philladelphia, MOVE. Randy Weaver. Waco, Tx. FFL holders too numerous to list The Murrah Bldg. (No way only a truck bomb) Now, Katrina aftermath. If you try to be self suficient, the PTB's (Powers That Be pronounced Petybees) will come and disarm you, and steal your means of survival. Food? "We need it." Arms? ditto. Then they'll report it on the evening news, and say "Those people have no right to protect their property..." I have more to say about this... <#jumpto> After all, for the media, bad news sells. If it bleeds, it leads. Etc. "Those Militia people." "Those hoarders." Those survivalists." Government, both elected and bureaucratic, the Judiciary (courts and police) feed the media. The media tells them (us) what a good job they (Gov Et All) are doing. The sides of the conflict have been chosen. Us. (Average non gov or media citizen) and them (the ptb's. They chose the sides. They made the rules. They DEMAND we (you) follow them and obey their edicts. Or they will try to kill you. Either fast by shooting you and/or burning you down your home/church, or slow, by robbing you of confiscating your arms and supplies, leaving you defenseless and hungry/thirsty. Katrina was a prime example of a LOCALISED 'Shit Hit The Fan' scenario. The cops were HELPING the looters. Hell, some were looting, themselves instead of 'protecting and serving' "They'll be punished." Excuse me if I don't hold my breath. Learn to survive, people, now who has declaired you their enemy. Learn tools(guns). Especialy how to use theirs. SHTF? Remember the "three S rule."