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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Been gone 5 days. A looong 5 days. My neighbor owns a truck. We loaded 25000 liters of water and took it down to Gulfport. Man, that area is dessemated. We thought of taking it to N.O., but we couldnt figure how to get the water to those people who were NOT looting jewlry and big screen Tv's I have more to say about this... The ones who have receipts for the stuff in their homes and businesses. The ones the New Orleans police are now arresting, while the hoodlums run free... Running free. The gangstas, and drug dealers that terrorize their own neighborhoods every day and stayed behind after the evac order for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of pillaging, and looting are still running around that town. They should be shot. They should be hung from light poles. Kill them, and New Orleanswould be a better place. ESPECIALY THOSE COPS THAT WERE SEEN LOOTING ON NATIONAL TV! What a disgrace! How disgusting. Brings real respect for law enforcement, right? The mayor did his bangup job of bashing Bush, while ignoring the fact that he never issued a Phaze II mandatory evac order, per his cities Emergency action plan... Maybe he attended local public schools and can't read. I'vebeenlistening for the last 4days, "Why didn't the president do something?" "Where were the Feds?" Etc.Ad Nauseum. Personaly, Iam GLAD the 'Feds' didn'tcome crashing in uninvited. That'sthe way it is supposed to work. Says so right in both the State of Louisiana, and City of New Orleans emergency plans. Order of response: 1) Local government. 2) State Government. And last, 3) Federal Government. Mayor of Miami never rants on national TV about "Where are the Feds?" He knkows they will be there in 5 days or so. Fla sees alot more hurricanes than La. Ah, FUgedaboudit. God flushed the cess pool, but we still have some a lot of sh1t floating around...