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Saturday, August 13, 2005

We are the ones responsible

"Each time the lesson is the same one: that professionals should attend to their professionalism, or else the citizens and consumers who pay their wages will find out and -- eventually -- hold them accountable."
And holding accountable is our job/duty/fun.If we don'thold the bad guys accountable, then anything they do in the future from THAT point is our fault. Eg. An elected judge puts child molesters back on the street regularly for whatever excuse. The collective 'We' keep re-electing him. A child gets raped and killed. Our fault. New judge that will "put 'em away for ever", or kill the perp.
"What people really want is to be empowered to catch the Peeping Toms, to hold accountable any elite that might abuse power, whether corporate or governmental or individual."
WE THE PEOPLE have the RIGHT to hold such cirminals accountable for their anti-social activities. We DELEGATE that right as an authority and power to Government in order to have the right be more effectively enforced. Unfortunately, Government elietists always try to grab more power at our expense. So our job is to hold them (the government elites) accountable. Our founding fathers recognized the liklelyhood of Government employees lusting for power, this is the reason they included as a pre existing right the 2nd Amendment. Because the threat of being shot for invading peoples rights is all that keeps the bureau-rats in any kind of check. Law and justice are not a threat to the bureaurats. Why should it be? The FBI sniper Lon Hoourochi got a promotion for killing a woman holding a baby when she was no threat to anyone. He still walks the streets. Janet Reno is still walking the streets, too, after kidnapping a little boy and sending him off to live in a dicatorship. Oh, yeah, she also killed by arson, and gunfire 83 people, one of whome was suspected of not paying a $200.00 tax. I forget how many of the 83 were children ( the ones she 'did it for'). Too many of these types are walking around because we didn't hold them accountable. Maybe it is time we did. Read John Ross' "Unintended Consequenses" Keep your mouth shut.