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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stupid is as stupid does...

Posted in toto, who knows how long the link will work. This just in from Keep and Bear Arms

These Gun Laws Would Make Us Safe Editor, Times-Dispatch: Speed kills; drugs kill. Guns also kill. When guns kill, someone pulls a trigger -- sometimes accidentally, other times intentionally. Most folks dislike the notion of death -- especially unusual, unavoidable, and unnatural death. As guns are instrumental in bringing about a frightening number of unnatural deaths, most folks would agree that we need some measures to alleviate this kind of death. Two measures effectively would eliminate the scourge of deaths caused by guns: (1) Get rid of guns, and (2) get rid of ammunition. There are other instruments that kill, of course. Rocks, knives, and sticks always will be available. We can't control those, but we can control guns. We could get rid of guns through confiscation and destruction, and could make the manufacture of guns and ammunition illegal. Then we could maintain armories where hobbyists, collectors, and hunters would be required to store their arms under lock and key, to be used only through approved procedures and only if returned after use. All infractions would need to be punished rigorously. All transactions would be handled through government-operated venues. If the above were accomplished, I would feel much better about the world we have made for our granchildren. Do I own a gun? No -- and I never will. Allan Ross. richmond.
Now, I wonder if a) this is his real name? b) What woman would be stupid enough to marry him and have his children when he comes right out and says he can not protect them and never intends to be able to!?! c) If I'll be able to not throw up befo... Ok, I'm back. Where was I? Oh, d) How long before Mr. Ross of Richmond, Va. gets an unwelcome visitor that insists an Mr. Ross donating everything including his wife and children to the visitors cause? Hey, Mr. Ross, #6 shot is an excelent goblin repelent. But you won't know, you will die on your knees. Sheep. BA-A-A!