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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Running for office

I have come to the conclusion that the only way for me to get any kind of attention from my elected congress critters is to run for an office. In my journey thru life, and discovering the most exciting bloodsport in existance(politics) I have decided that I have a strong conservative leaning. Currently, this is represented best by the Republican party. Though, Conservative Democrats like Zel Miller have earned even greater respect from me. The GOP does not seem to want to be winners. We work our asses off to get Repubs elected, and they run off and follow one of two roads. Either they turn to trying to control the whole world thru enlarging government power, (Statist R.) or they Cry for more Authority like a liberal(Statist D). The one thing they will not do, is talk to any one in their district who has not donated $1000.00. Unles you are a member of your county central committee. So, I am running for my precincts Republican committee seat. It is currently empty, but when I asked at the couny party Hq. to be appointed, I was turned down. (Insert lame excuse here) No one else has expressed any interest at all in the position, but I have no political connection or capital except a LOT of volunteer time. "Thanks for the 250 ours of phone bank time, see you in '08!" Your ass... I'll be seeing you alot sooner than that... to paraphrase Kipling- Into the fray rode the hundred... This is going to be so much fun!