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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Open Letter to Mary Sheehan

Open Letter To: The Bitch in the Ditch. You know who you are. You claim to support the soldiers in harms way. You are a liar. You don't give a damn about anyone but yourself. Not even your son, who by all accounts re-enlisted to serve as he felt he should. He is a hero. You are a glory-hound whore. Here is what support looks like. I have more to say about this From a reporter on the scene, instead of drinking at the hotel:

I saw Prosser's M4 on the ground, Where did that come from? I picked up Prosser's M4. It was empty. I saw only Prosser's bloody leg lying still,... "Give me some ammo! Give me a magazine!" I yelled, and the young 2nd lieutenant handed over a full 30-round magazine... I was going to run into the shop and shoot every man with a gun. And I was scared to death.
Read the whole thing at Michael Yon's site You'll hate it, because any one of the men, that Mr. Yon Describes, could be your son. And EVERY one of them understands what you never will. Some things ARE worth dying for. Freedom and the chance of advancing freedom is one of the best reasons there is. He is a free lance journalist that, when the stick got short and shitty, grabbed up arms and ran to the sound of battle. even though he isn't supposed to. He joined the fray to try and save the life of a soldier. God keep you in his protective sight, Michael! Now, let us look at your "support" Seditiously attacking our President in a time of DECLAIRED WAR. Your hero (not your son) John F'ing Kerry (who was in Viet Nam) even voted for this war. "We are waging Nuculer War in Iraq." ??? You said this why? Because Micheal Pig Moore said so? I see. so you are supplying oral sex -by saying this- to Micheal Moor, though he won't pay you for it other than 120 seconds in his next fraudumentary. Taste great? Less filling? Get used to it, you'll never get the taste out of your mouth. The Micheal Moors, and the Jane "Never met a soldier I wouldn't spit on" Fondas, and the Media have your number. Looks VERY cheap from here. Yo! Bitch! How many wounded soldiers have you gone to visit at hospitals just to comfort them and thank them for their service? Any? I wouldn't expect so. I would expect you totry and get them to whore for your cause. I wouldn't want to be you trying to recruit them onto your team. you might not like the reception you get. that would be the same as Jane when she spits on them. But those men will be the first to say you have the right to say what you want. Better men than me. I spit in your general direction. And I ask Gods blessing for your son. Also from that post of Michaels:
"I would be the one. The one to go back and speak. A pain beyond all previous now seized me. Sweet life itself, even the desperately sought chance to tell the tale, suddenly seemed unendurable alongside the pain of having to take leave of these whom I had come so to love."
Now, sit down and shut the fuck, up.