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Saturday, August 13, 2005


By David Brin, Just ONE of my favorite authors

"My Parting Thoughts I believe it's good that we have a rambunctious society, filled with individualistic and opinionated people. Serenity is nice -- we all need some -- but to hold it up above all other values has become a cheap cliché. Serenity alone never brought progress. Hermits on hilltops never solved a problem. The adversarial process -- the tug and push of contrary views -- helps us to improve, both as individuals and as a culture. Criticism is the only known antidote to error -- elites shunned it, and their evasion spread ruin across history. We do each other a great favor (though it's not always appreciated) when we help find each others' mistakes. And yet... And yet, it also seems to me that we'd all be a lot happier, and better off, and more capable of dealing with criticism if each of us were to remember, now and then, to say the following phrase: "I am a member of a civilization." (IAAMOAC)"
I LIKE it... IAAMOAC. I think I'll use that for a tagline... I will also be exploring some of Mr. Brins' thoughts on privacy in an upcoming post. IAAMOAC