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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Effort to take Breyer's home moving ahead

From World Net Daily via Thought You Should Know news Take his house, he said it's O.K Ah, the ghost of past decisons...

The effort to seize the vacation home of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is moving ahead toward the goal of a public vote in March.
Hey Breyer, You put the nickle in THAT jukebox... Thisone is too easy. Read more...
"Property rights are very important," said Babiarz, who would like Breyer's land to become a public park. "It's got to go from talk to action. ... I think the justices don't realize the impact [of their decision]."
Hey, You meen to tell me that actons have concequenses? who'd a thunk it! I don't think the justices have any idea just how pissed off americans are at the Kelo v. New London decision. Just compensation, perhaps? I continue...
Justice Breyer, who owns 167 acres in the Connecticut River Valley in Plainfield, N.H., is the second Supreme Court justice to be targeted for property seizure. Justice David Souter's home is also in the crosshairs of a California entrepreneur who's looking to build the "Lost Liberty Hotel" on Souter's land in the town of Weare, N.H.
I have been trying to buy stock in the company working on building the Lost Liberty Hotel. I believe that oncebuilt, you would be trying for reservations years in advance. No answers to my letter, e-mails or phone calls... Ahh, I'm just a peon. Now how did I miss THIS Bombshell?
As WND exclusively reported this week, Breyer made news beyond eminent domain by saying not all rulings from America's highest court are correct, admitting judges don't have "some great special insight," and he defended the practice of studying courts in foreign countries to help decide cases in the United States.
"Nt all rulings from ~ are correct>"-Breyer NO SHIT! -America Defending the practice of studying forign law? Keep that up, pal, and you gonna have bigger problems than where to live... You can study it all you want. The only LAW you need to know, and cite, is the CONSTITUTION! If you cannot do this one simple thing, YOU'RE FIRED. And leave the keys on the counter when you go.