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Monday, August 15, 2005

Does concealed gun advice come with responsibility talk?

Oh, My... Fisk time. From the Henderson Dispatch in North Carrolina comes this 'oh so reasonable' editorial.

Does concealed gun advice come with responsibility talk?
Are all the adults in your community mentaly little children? Don't touch, you'll get burned...
Resting on the desk of Gov. Mike Easley, awaiting his signature, is a bill passed Friday by the North Carolina General Assembly. The pending law would require local clerks of court to provide information to domestic violence victims on how to obtain temporary concealed weapons permits. The bill was approved by the Senate on a 43-4 vote, and also adds protective orders to the evidence a sheriff can consider when determining whether to issue a 90-day permit for a concealed weapon. Domestic violence victims already qualified for such a permit. But now, it seems, the government is practically endorsing them.
So? Your point is..? What? I have more to say about this. Read more...
This newspaper has in the past taken a staunch stand on the side of gun rights. We believe that responsible Americans are entitled to keep and bear firearms.
Well good for you!
OK , class, repete after me. "Everything before 'but' is Bullshit.
But it is potentially quite irresponsible to recommend firearms ownership to those who aren't prepared for the responsibility. And that clearly might happen in the case of domestic violence victims.
Therefore you oh so wise editors think that those who realy need protection should be not allowed their Costitutional right of arms to guarantee theirnatural right to life? Oh, I get it... the death or maiming of a Domesticviolence victim sells more papers than when a woman kills her attacker. Back to the Barbara Streisand...
There is no doubt these women - and the occasional man - need protection from their assailant. There's also little doubt that law enforcement can't always be there to provide that protection. And there certainly are known cases in which women have saved their own lives and possibly the lives of others, including their children, by wielding or even discharging a firearm when in danger.
Yes, thereby proving that having a gun saves lives.
So we firmly believe that women who are up to the task - who not only have some knowledge of firearms, but are psychologically prepared to responsibly use the gun when under pressure - should absolutely qualify for a concealed weapons permit.
Sniff, sniff... Another smelly 'but?
But what percentage of women - or men, for that matter - fit that description? Should the government really be requiring clerks to notify every domestic violence victim of her right to pack a hidden gun, when common sense tells us that many of these women aren't well-suited to carry concealed weapons? Doesn't the state risk escalating the violence in some cases rather than abating it?
Yep, I was right... another smelly batch of bullshit.
Domestic violence prevention groups didn't seek this legislation. If the activists whose calling is to protect victimized women however they can didn't ask for this law, then chances are it's a law domestic violence victims didn't need.
No, it's alaw that domestic violence prevention groupsdidn't want... Enablig woment to care for themselves would put these slime out of work! These people do some good work in protectingwomen, by hiding them in shelters, or getting them set up with a lawyer or whatever. but (Ahh my own smelly but...) if they brought these womwn into a shelter, gave them a NRAbasic pistol course, took them to a gun shop and bought them an inexpensive handgun and ammo, before turning them outto face the day, I would be more impressed. Back to the story...
If clerks of court will be required to tell domestic violence victims of their right to seek a concealed weapons permit, then they also should be provided with information to give those women about where they can go for training with a weapon. And it wouldn't hurt to mention to the women that "self-defense" isn't always an air-tight explanation to law enforcement after you've shot somebody - even if it's true. ©Copyright © 2005- The Daily Dispatch.
Any NRA Certified Pistol Instructors in N.C. tried to get a bureaucrat to send business his way? And as for that 'Air-tight explanation?" I get the feeling that the editors of this fish wrap have their minds made up long ago. I am an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Pistol, and Personal Protection in the Home. The day Ohio passed CCW, I went to the Sheriffs' Office, to offer free training to any woman aplying for a temporary emergency handgun licence. This was so inexperienced women, or worse, women with no experience with handguns could get the training they needed to safely handle a gun. They called me every dirty name you could think of. Later, at one of his fundraisers, I explained to the sheriff that I couldn't donate to his re-election campaign, and why. He appologised for his employees disrespect, and tried to tell me that for his office to refer people to me for training could be construed as an endorsment of my class. I said I understood his position, and I hope he understood mine as I wrote out a $100.00 check in front of him. To his opponent, the Republican candidate. (Who lost, big surprise) After being snubbed bythe Sheriffs' Office, I contacted the three womens shelter groups in my county. Man, You'd think I had Leprosy the way those people acted... Professional Victim pimps. Their livelyhood depends on victims to go to them. They then use those victims to extort money from he county coffers. Slime. Worse than those lawyes that give the rest a bad name. And don't get me started on the lawyers that troll those shelters... /rant Back to the fisk... I would like toknow from the editor of that paper, just who the fuck he thinks he is to suggest that peoples rights to life, defense of life and access to the tools needed to defend life are conditional on what HE FEELS is proper FOR THEM? story found on Keep and Bear Arms