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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Discovering help along the way

Now, I've only been Blogging about a month. Still the newbe, the tryo, whatever. Help files generaly seem to be written on a per word basis (more words, more money) So I started looking around at other blogs to find out how they do it. I don't even know how I got to The Bad Example's blog, but boy am I glad I did. Read more... Harvey has a literal school for the blogger newbe at the top of the right column of his blog. Anyone new to blogging NEEDS to read through it. The best 'tip' he gives is one I whole heartedly support. Download Note Tab Light to typeout your blog entry while you are off line. Then just copy and paste what you wrote to your blog whenever ou have a chance. I am using Note Tab Light to do this post. Andevery post you, the reader, will ever see in the future. No spell checkerin the free version, with my stutter fingers, I may just have to spring for the upgrade. We will see what the future holds. Harvey, My thanks for an excelent education on the art of blogging. May I humbly beg that you add me as a Bad Example Groupie? Have fun, folks. Thatis the most important lesson Harvey, or any one else could relate to you.