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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Calling BarbaraStreisand on helecopter shoot down.

I've waited to post on this story. Waiting for the facts to be reported. Waiting for photos to be published. (Yawn... ) From CNN (A trustworthy source)[/sarcasm] Wednsday, Aug. 10,2005

(CNN) -- A Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department helicopter that crashed Saturday in the yard of an Albuquerque home was brought down by a bullet, Sheriff Darren White said late Tuesday.
Think so? Why?
At a news conference in New Mexico, White showed pictures of where a bullet penetrated the windshield of the aircraft, known as Metro One, and shattered on a pedal the pilot uses to fly the helicopter. The inside of the cockpit tested positive for lead fragments, according to forensic tests, and pilot Chris Holland and Deputy Ward Pfefferle suffered shrapnel wounds.
Can I see those photos? No? Why not? Penetrated the windshield but only dented the pedal? Hmm... maybe a pistol round...
White did not specifically explain how the bullet brought Metro One down Saturday night.
Still working on a plausible story, Sheriff? I join Head calling B.S. on this one for all his reasons. Wonder what this sheriff's position is on an armed citizenry? Think about this. If you want to shoot down a helecopter with a handgun, it may just be possible to do the described damage if you are within oh say 100 feet ...max(DAMN! what a lucky shot) The helecopter ws reported to be at 400 feet altitude...(was he realy?) If that helecopter had been hit with a .30 cal rifle, the pilot would have a good sized hole in his leg. If shot by a .50BMG round, the pilot would be holding his leg in his hands (what he could find of it). My guess? If the hole in the windscreen, and dented pedal were caused by gunfire, and not something else, it happened after the helecopter was on the ground. (Post crash) Looks like CYA from here, so I say "BULLSHIT!" sheriff. Nice try.