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Friday, August 05, 2005

Armor piercing?

David Codera, has some neat stuff over at his site, War on Guns Amongst other things, he mentions that there may be a discussion brewing between JPFO and Gun Law News. Basicaly, JPFO thinks that when dealing with the testing for and definition of "Armor Piercing Bullets," the new law gives way too much power to the AG. Gun LawNews feels that is not true and that no changes have been made and there's nothing to worry about. Hmmm..... Here's my comment post on Davids'site:

I read the JPFO e-mail alert with some trepidation. While I don't think the current administration would try to test using a level one vest, I am also certain that the previous admin. (BC) would have. The Waco killer/ Elian kidnapper would have LOVED the way this section 6 is phrased.
This one worries me. I'd sooner trust a used car salesman than a politico that says, "Trust me..." Stock up folks, and remember to rotate your stock.