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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wasting time

I HHHHAAAATE working on cars. Vehicles of any kind. The latest is my wifes '86 Ford ranger. Turn the key and nothing happens. Not even a click. Jump the battery to the relay,andyou can't get the wire loose fast enough before it starts. Ohms out the clutch switch... Good Must be the ignition switch. Go to the parts store... $12.95 Oh, thats just the lock set. Can't get the old one out anyway. Push in the pin while in 'run' my ass. Junk yard steering collumn another $65.00, and I can'treturnthe lock set because "It'san electronic part." Pimple faced twit. I now have somewhere around $800 dollars in a $100.00 truck. I'll put in the new column tomorrow. I say"Junk it and find another." But No... and I am still trying to figure out this blog stuff. Ah, shit. Back at it.