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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Overheared at Rogers house,

"...I remember the news item about the Tennessee legislature (or, maybe it was just the Memphis city council?) dealing with the issue of flag burning. They made beating people who burned the American flag a misdemeanor, with a fine of about $1."
Hmmm... I got a dollar... Are there discounts available? you know, 3 for 2, 7 for 3, etc. Can you buy the tickets in advance? This could be fun! Oh, yeah, what Roger was saying...
"Elected politicians are immune from reckless behavior in Britain, and the United States. It's silly to expect lawmakers to enable the lynching of themselves, but what's wrong with giving the act scofflaw status (pay attention here Jim McDermott) ? I mean, all effected are liberals, and conservatives control congress."
AHHH! The true reason politicos want to ban guns! But we already knew that... It's been said in the past, and bears repeting. "Only to kinds of people fear guns in the hands of law abiding Citizens... criminals and polititions." Judge Sutter, call your office. Picture by Oleg Volk No question how he'd vote a 2nd amendment case, what with the way people are taking the "kelo v. new london" decision. Bet he doesn't go hunting alone this year. Rogers whole post is good... Go read it. Click the title of this post for the link.