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Sunday, July 31, 2005

More from the Shoreman

Yep, gonna put him in the "Daily Read"...

American males, whose behavior and inclinations have been taboo since 1973, would see their testosterone-laden masculinity restored to its natural relevance. Most importantly, the sissy-pants Neville Chamberlain "peace process," UN-loving twitterpates would fall silent in slack-jawed horror that violence really does end violence.

Too bad his/their comments is set to "teammembers only" That's o.k. You can leave comments here. In fact, I wish you would! Did you see the "Doonsbury" comic the other day? The one where GW was thinking of appointing Karl Rove to the USC? Do it George! Just for the comic relief of watching the left vapor lock and fall over. Hmm... I think they might just turn into splodey's and that would be GRRRRREAT for America!