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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Deputize Minute men?

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- July 29 Culberson: The bill that I have filed with 46 co-sponsors is based on the longest and most honored tradition in America, and that is law abiding citizens stepping forward as bill, HR 3622...authorizes a national militia, a lawful group of citizens, volunteers, deputized to serve under the governors, to serve under the direction of local and state law enforcement officials to enforce the law and protect our borders....
The law is ALREADY THERE! You dumb fucks! Every state governor already has the constitutionally correct authority to call out the militia to protect itself from invasion. The militia is defined in the United States Code. Go look it up yourself, asshat!If I just tell you, you won't believe me, anyway. Holy shit, Batman... You mean to tell me that the people are the militia? In the words of Homer Simpson, "Do'h!" This is only ONE of the reasons for the 2nd Amendment. We the people are the ones with the Right and the Duty, to protect ourselves, both at the personal level, and the state level. If our borders are not being enforced by the fed government, then that responsibility devolves to the state Governor. If s/he won't do it, then it devolves to the people. Some obviously understand this... Too bad those are not the ones in elected positions. The minute men are shameing those that need shamed. Thus the cries of "vigilante." We seem to be putting the biggest dumbfucks in office, these days... "I'll put forth a new bill... Fuck all the old laws, no body knows them anyway..." Tip o' the tam to American dinosaur via Sondra K (Full Steam ahead)