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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Conservatives, Guns, and Drugs

Via The War on Guns, Sheldon Richman explains why the "war on drugs" is an important issue to gun owners. Quoting Sheldon,

"That case begins by noting that, as the Constitution is constructed, the federal government may exercise only the powers expressly delegated in Article I, Section 8. If the Constitution is silent on a matter, that matter is left to the states or to the people, according to the Tenth Amendment. One does not look first at the Bill of Rights to determine whether individuals should be free from federal restraint. One looks at the enumerated powers. If a claimed power is not there, the feds are sidelined. "
Yeh... Again, they teach the children so well these days. The problem is, they have more and better guns than we do. After all, Waco was nothing more than the FedGov thinking some people hadn't paid a $200.00 tax. Borrowing from John Ross, "You ever owe the IRS $200.00? I have!" Hell, I "owe" more than that this year, and have to make monthly payments to them to keep the JBT's away. Go read Sheldons blog, then come back here, and post me some comments. I think I may have to put his blog on the "Daily Read" list.